Sunday, 23 May 2010

Day 184: Stupid me

Eeeek! Forgot to pay off a store card - which I opened to save me 15% on a skirt. Thought I had a good deal but now the skirt has cost me £12 more than it should have. I have no excuses other than this one... I am stupid. Sorry.
Good job I wear it a lot :S

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Day 183: All you can eat

There's nothing that puts more pressure on than an all you can eat buffet. I'm constantly reminded by my parents how they spent a small fortune on a really posh one in Paris when I was little and all I ate was a piece of bread and some gravy. Last night we went out for a friends birthday and for an all you can eat indian. I knew that being someone who can't eat a whole curry from a normal curry house I wasn't very optimistic so I made an even sillier mistake and missed lunch (thinking I'd be hungrier - did the opposite and took my appetite away completely. Last night I paid £15 for a few pieces of lettuce, a quarter of a tomato, an onion baji, 2 small pieces of chicken (which was all part of the starter) and by the time we got to the buffet main part I was too full to eat any of it and managed to force about 3 mouthfuls in.
Ah well, at least I offset the cost by wearing a free dress :)

Friday, 14 May 2010

Day 182: sorting out

Last weekend I started a big clear out. I'm still at the same place I left it on Saturday night... and hopefully I'll get some time this weekend to carry on. There is too much stuff in our house... and there is too much stuff in my life to give me time to clear out some of the stuff from the house. But how do you know what to keep or throw out?
Its a tough call in every part of life... which events or committments do we cut out of our diaries, which friends to we cull from our facebook, which old friends who we're friends with on facebook do we ignore when we see them out in real life and which do we connect with, which old clothes to throw out and which to keep...agh... its so impossible to decide all these things! I did bump into a facebook friend today actually and thankfully my mouth decided to call her name before my brain had chance to tell it that it would be easier to just look down and not get into a conversation. I'm glad I did... old friends can be really interesting to talk to even if you doubt they'll ever really be a part of your life again. And tomorrow I'm going swimming with a new friend. Thankfully she's a good enough friend to be able to be honest with about the fact I am actually dreading having to go swimming with her as she is 6 foot and the thinnest most glamorous person you could ever meet in real life. I'm also thankful that, although I have tried to find a happy new swimming costume over the last 10 years, I never did throw out my trusty one and still have my Oasis costume I got in the sale when I was in Y11. I may look like the 'fat friend' tomorrow but at least I'll be comfy! Sometimes keeping the old things is good. :) maybe I'll go easy on myself in the clear out schedule tomorrow.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Day 181:

Well I was all ready to write a post last night but instead my evening went like this...
Finish writing my song (for work)
record my song... finish recording... go to listen back... song starts... song unexpectedly stops... garageband does nothing for 5 minutes... I get impatient and shut it down... work is lost... open it up... record my song... repeat for most of the night.
This was interspersed with some moments of learning my lesson and clicking save somewhere in that process but in the end the whole easy little 5 minute job took me until half past midnight.
Still... I have met my deadline of having the demo ready for today and I'm relieved to have a basis for this one... Its been tough to write as this song was started by someone else and they wanted me to use a set melody... so all I needed to do was set words into that. I find that is the hardest way to write. It can be quite restrictive and difficult to get the scanning of syllables to flow and sound right. Still I am reasonably happy with it... but I'm quite ready for a break from it after a tough few weeks feeling stuck... will be happy to take it to an open table and rip it to shreds if need be. Have a cold. Here starts friday!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Day 180: Train fare

£15 spent on a train over to Manchester today... I've been in the car over that way for too much in the past few days but the train is different. Today was about thinking and praying and processing stuff. The train is the best place for that... £15 well spent... Me, my bag containing purse, keys, notebook, bible, i pod and pen and no paint rollers or baby wipes. Every mum needs a day like that every so often. (with a trip to paperchase thrown in mid thinking)

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Day 179: Promised

Well a few people have rightly told me off for not blogging. Its not the only thing... I'm behind on the washing, the Wii fit, the shopping and all sorts of other things - a sign that I need a holiday! Well tomorrow I'm having a bit of a retreat day... a chance to spend the day with coffees and a notebook. I feel like I've not had any proper thinking space for ages and I'm looking forward to it. Sitting on a train is always good for starting that off and sitting on a train is also necessary as I lead into the next money update.
Friday night we went over to Roots Conference, Southport. It was a good night but we ended up leaving late and I finally got home at about 3.30am - far too tired and I never want to drive that late again. I can stay awake till 3.30 but when you have to get up for children at 7 and then the space between midnight and 3.30 you're staring at a dark road an the three other people in the car are all getting sleep its pretty much torture. The most awake moment of the journey was being pulled over by the police... they were nicely doing that thing when they have no one to chase so they type in random numberplates and check the details as they drove past and ten minutes later had waited to pull me over. My darling husband had forgotton to get the MOT done so three months out of date and I come home at 3.30am with a nice £60 fine. Great :(