Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Day 193: Pay Day!!

Woop for a pay cheque of £499 this month... That is GOOD! Maybe not for most people but thats a good month for us! Plus I'm currently listening to the album to sign it off for manufacturing this week so its an exciting day in the world of my work!
Might have a new mortgage - that might save us some money... not getting my hopes up this time but watch this space!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Day 192: The last month of ugh

The last month I have not wanted to look at the balance, I have not wanted to care about wise decisions or investing for the future. I ave wanted to be an ostrich and bury my head in the sand. After my really excited post about the mortgage and the land and finally there being a positive break for us it all just fell apart. What happened was that for some reason the bank decided to actually change their mind and say no. So apparently we don't earn enough money to borrow more to buy the land. Fair enough... could have said that before... nevermind...let it go. Also we don't earn enough to change the mortgage to a variable so that we're paying less interest. Aparently we deserve to be punished and forced to pay more just for not having enough. Fab! :| It was at this point of the battle that I decided to have a rest and say cba to it all. Having said that I haven't gone mad, I've not bought anything crazy and I'm still ploughing on... but for the last month with much less enthusiasm.
Today I'm feeling more positive and ready to move forward again. My bank balance today was really confusing... Without spending more than normal on anything in particular we're already at the end of the overdraft by the 10th of the month - thankfully I've been able to transfer expenses over etc and cover us but its made me aware its time for a new spreadsheet... :) yay!
So things on the TTD list... remortgage somehow, buy the land somehow, pay off the credit card, tell you about the party budgets, tell you about my amazing surprise birthday treat this weekend :)