Wednesday, 29 February 2012

New shoes

Joel and I don't go shopping together often. On the rare occasion that we shop we end up stood debating new shoes for Joel. Today was the same. I asked him to come to the shops with me as I wanted to get a dress I liked. That was ok because then I would accompany him to B&Q to get some brackets. The dress I wanted wasn't there and Joel once again said "Do you think I should get some new shoes to replace these?" "These" refers to Joel's 'best' and 'smart' shoes that have had this status actually since last century. He keeps 'replacing them' but with shoes that are of a different variety and so can't bring himself to throw throw them out. Today I think we have achieved the relevant replacement and I think, after many years of faithful service, these ones can finally leave the building!

Ewwww and good riddance! (and £100 sketchers reduced to £36 with some free protector spray!)

£3048.51 D I am so very close to being in the 2000's :-)

Monday, 20 February 2012


This is such an exciting chain of events. Firstly there was NO fence - none whatsoever. Some posts and concrete later there was one panel and by 5pm THREE BITS OF FENCE!! I helped out a mini little bit holding posts extremely strait and telling Joel what I'd knocked over... other than that I stayed inside baking cakes. I can't wait to see what happens next!


I love my little family and my little family is full of love

Thursday, 9 February 2012

2012 is the year.

A lot can change in a year. I just read back a couple of blog posts from a year ago... I had just dyed my hair blonde. I think it took 5 packs of pretty much neat bleach. I then went on to have it cut so my hair responded by growing REALLY quickly. I got fed up with roots and had it dyed light brown. Grand total of lots of waste down the sink. Since September I've not had to dye it even once - I accidentally managed to get my hairdresser to dye it to my actual hair colour (who knew what that was!?) and so dark roots/pale roots are no more and I have saved some dosh! I also notice I was starting to party plan in February (for the children's parties in late June and July) well this year the cakes are already designed, the party bags sorted and just a few more games to plan... a BIT eager again.
Financially things are really different for us. I am now paid 2.5 days a week and Joel has a few random paid days that are irregular and is also balancing that with doing an MA. Its been the most tricky year so far in terms of keeping a tight budget and basically we're working really hard to spend as little as possible. Out budget is divided between 5 bank accounts and we have to save up as much as possible just so that we have a bit of a nest in case there comes a month where we earn nothing... eeek! Its meant though that if we do earn a bit more, and being used to not spending anything extra, that we've been mega keen on credit card payments. This time last year the balance was a whopping £9321.72 - THATS NEARLY TEN THOUSAND POUNDS - AND IT WAS WAYYYY MORE THAN THAT BEFORE!! Today I am happy to have just been able to make payment of £1500 (the entire amount of my first overdraft one go!) and the new balance is £3248.51 D!! I'm pretty excited by that! The amazing thing is that we now actually do have more than that saved up for living costs. If we didn't have to eat or pay our mortgage we could actually pay it off... which means that for the FIRST time in our almost 9 years of marriage we are (kind of) in CREDIT! Off to celebrate with a lemsip :-D
Joels a bit worried by my goal to pay it off really quickly but it HAS to be done. End of the year. 2013 will be debt free for SURE. But, hey, lets aim for summer?!