Day 12: A quick update

Ok - not all the £100 made it across... some was urgently requested over elsewhere just as a safety net to ward away those nasty bank charging vermin. So £50 more in today... taking me to £1380.66 D... woo hoo - I've not seen '13' anything in there for a while!
Plum update... we had another session of picking after the 1st jam session and have a kitchen full of plums... Joel spent about an hour really high up the tree so theres quite a lot. I haven't weighed them all... but I've used 2lb in jam, 2lb in a crumble, saved another 2 lots of 2lbs for jam, frozen 2 lots of 2lbs for more crumble... made another crumble to send over to my brother and his housemates... and there's still loads left... maybe i need to google a new recipe though :s


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