Day 119: The Aftermath

... Christmas kind of over... heeeeeee that was expensive! All the extra we got in last month has totally disappeared and a well meaning trip to ikea today also ended with all our Christmas money from my mum and dad gone... eeeeeeek. However its been a BRILLIANT few days... we've had so much fun with the children and they've got enough craft to keep them going for a year and a half. We've still got some family to catch up with but have had some good times with mine. Elijah now has an amazing new room thanks to our ikea trip today and a big shelving solution which means his toys and clothes finally have somewhere to go other than the floor! So money spent and well worth it. Vouchers also got us a new kettle and we have some left promised for a new breadmaker... some dishwasher bartering going on on ebay as we speak and then we're back to the full squad! Debt?.... :S Good thing is that new year is a good kick up the bum... its a good time to set good clear goals again and get on track... and I haven't lost any motivation... I've just not been able to hide from Christmas!


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