Day 137: On to the next one

Ok we're on to Mr Tesco CC... He's 1955.86... about to pay.........£11.46 taking me down the the stunningly SLIGHTLY lower amount of £1944.40 D So it may not be a dramatic difference but I've accidentally made the number a bit neater by doing that which can count as 1 plus point :) and more importantly - most importantly actually head is well and truly back in the game.


  1. When you clear a card, do you cancel the account to stop you from spending on it again?

  2. Hey :)
    Good question... I'd like to say yes and I hope I can do... apart from that the downside of not having savings is that if we ever have work expenses to pay for they just sometimes have to go on a credit card as we don't have enough to buy them and wait to claim them back... hopefully we'll get to a stage when we'll just have one we can do that on and be really disciplined to always pay it off strait away


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