My beautiful new bookshelf

Hurrah for the arrival of my new REAL furniture. I think its a thing that comes with age, a new level of maturity or just that you finally have a house packed full of ikea and so when you only need to buy one or two new things you can actually afford to look beyond flat pack. Either way... I felt very grown up ordering my new book case from a real place. I did order it in plain untreated pine - I still have to be involved in the making process somehow if I'm not fixing it all together so I decided I'd paint and stain it all myself.
So I used this woodstain to match it to the new dining table (also real grown up furniture) called Georgian Medium Oak and made it all a nice brown inside... 
And then painted the outside and the shelves in this chalk white. At this stage I am happy with my creation. They are my new shelves and I now I can play around making them look pretty!...
See how much fun you can have putting a few choice items here and there... a basket of ribbon, some potpourri, some aesthetically pleasing books and a strategically placed magazine or two to make it look homely and effortless and 'lived in' ... :-)
And then reality hits when I turn to the storage box of books I actually bought the shelves for... the downside of living with a male are all the ugly male belongings they come with that no matter how badly designed the covers are - they just don't care (maybe he can't see?) So my beautiful new bookshelf has been destroyed with hideously font-ed bright ugly boy books. What a sad tale of woe.



  1. Your new bookshelf looks good. It fits perfectly that vacant spot beside your door. Did you have it customized or was it just luck that it fits there? I hope you'd maximize its full use. How many books do you have, by the way?

    -Salley Chagoya @ OlpinGroup

    1. Thank you. I measured the space first and the seller I bought it from did them in a few different sizes - so I could choose the best fit. We have hundreds of books but many live on the huge shelves in the lounge or boxes in the attic!


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