Day 34: Observing more ebay life

Its interesting seeing silly things people miss. A few of my ebay things end today and the 'coat watch' has seen an interesting twist! The identical one to mine ended last night. Starting price £4.99 - went for £11. Mine 'in theory' then should go for slightly less.
Also in my watch list though were 2 more of the same coat but in the next size up. Identical in description, both from sellers with good feedback - nothing to distinguish them in a search, or in which you would prefer, similar photo etc. One had a starting price of 99p, the other £9.99 with a buy it now of £14.99. So obviously that's the dividing factor... but how crazy is it that in the end the £9.99 or buy it now for £14.99 didn't even sell whilst the 99p start coat got itself a little bidding war going on and sold for £27.99! Gutted! Some people need Ebay common sense lessons I feel.


  1. have you listed your old mobile phone since you got your new one?


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