Day 38: Update

Well today has been mad and good. We've finally finished putting together all the GoldDigger schools packs - a job Rachel has been very pleased to cross of her to do list! We've visited our new office to work out, apart from the 3 chairs that are there already, what else we'll need to be able to move in and do more than just sit on a chair each! We reckon we can spend £68 on some desks which give us all enough room and £79 on some shelves... and that should be enough - not bad!

So in my banks world -my interest charge for this month is £15.01 - so I've saved another £10 compared to last month. Also my next little paypal installment has gone in so its now £572.21 D.
I'm stupidly staying up late to watch this Derren Brown thing... we only have a channel that shows things about 5 hours later than everyone else sees it - so having seen everyone talking about it on twitter and facebook all night I'm a bit intregued... oh no - thats not going to happen... it just started and the warning that subliminal messaging will be used came on - not having that - why would I give some stranger access to trying to manipulate my thinking... no thanks!


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