Day 161:

Sometimes you just feel led in a certain direction, you follow it, where you have been crumbles away from you and there's going back. Then the open door you're heading for slams shut in your face. Then there's no where to go and nowhere to be other than stuck in front of a closed door. Defeated and sad.


  1. =( things will work out... please jesus! x

  2. Is the door firmly bolted or do you need to knock a bit harder? If so, in the words of Maria Von Trapp, "When God closes a door, He opens a window". It might not be big enough to climb through, but allows light to shine on the situation so that you might better understand.

  3. Thank you... I would kick this door down if I could - but for now I wait for a window... or maybe a bottle labelled 'drink me' which shrinks me so I can climb through the keyhole


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