Day 218:

Not sure why I do this to myself every so often...and then promise myself I will NEVER put myself through it again - home hair dye.
I've decided to go back to being blonde. I like my hair dark but 2 years has been a long sint of dark hair for me and now I'm craving the change. I went to my hairdressers a couple of weeks ago and we did the first phase of highlights. Some of it went blonde, some went orangy and some stayed dark - it looked ok but I dont like the medium stage and I was going to have to go back soon to have the next phase done and then keep going back to get the roots done. I worked out this was going to be expensive. Anyway a packet of dye from boots is £5 and I can pay for that with my boots advantage points so its basically free - so I did that and the blonde lady on the front has been beckoning me to become like her and dye it. Starting a 45 minute dye at 12.30 was a bit silly as I've got to be up at 8am... but thats what I did. So, now, I sit with a towel on my head at 1.39am and I'm pretty sure my hair is a yukky shade of orange. :) all fun and games.


  1. could be worse, could be green!!

  2. Shave it all off and it'll grow back in your natural colour. This would save you money and time

  3. Haha - its all ok. I wanted it blonde - not bald...and I'd still choose even the yukkiest shade of orange over bald!


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