Well I had a lovely birthday yesterday - breakfast in bed with all the family ending in jam covered sheets and then later on just a nice stroll down Ecclesall rd and a Starbucks. The weather meant we couldn't really do Chatsworth or the park or anything as there a few yukky storms but all I really wanted was a nice chilled out day with my family - and that is what I got :) and aside from having to spend the evening colouring in white elastic with black marker pens to sew into tap shoes for the dancing shows, I enjoyed movies and a cosy night in! Its een great to have had my wages through which gives us a good bit of breathing space for the rest of the month and tonight I've been trying to work through what else we'll need to survive the month so that I can put the rest onto the credit card. Well I think I'm safe for now to move over £340 so thats done and it takes us to £7611.93 D. You know, that does still seem such a lot of money...but then if I think back to my first achievement when I finally paid off my overdraft - that was only £1,500 in total - and yet it seemed such a big challenge. This credit card started off over 9,000 so I've already made it past what I've done before! Anyway that big old horrid number is certainly getting smaller!


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