Day 51: Up late

I'm typing really slowly cos we're recording vocals - some backing vocals for our new tracks and I can't be caught making noise...shhhh... its 12.30 and we're tired and thinking of silly ideas now out of pure exhaustion but these things are good- I'm never happier than writing and recording and seeing what you can create with sounds - love it! We're having a Kim Wilde inspired BV section that we're loving recording at the moment- TOTAL hurray for the 80's revival - so many fab songwriting opportunities!
So in some of my recent posts I'm dealing with the challenge of the 'thought' of giving up buying clothes for 6'll have to read those posts and associated comments to follow properly. Charlie - I did ask to be challenged - you're dead right... and yep - I suppose that even if the money isn't actually coming from my overdraft itself it- the fact that I'm overall in debt means nothing I spend is actually anyone's but the banks.
I still hate the idea and it makes me feel sick but its sitting in my head ...which is a way of saying I am thinking about it.


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