Day 61: Yay for £50!

Having left my power cable at the office for the weekend I have very time left to write my post before this dies. Great meal at a friends house - those Sunday afternoons are great when you spend time being looked after, chatting for hours and put the Church to rights -until poor Joel realises its got to 5 already and being all chilled and relaxed he has to head off to work again! I arrived home to find these 2 envelopes through the door - for Beth and me. The note inside them tell us its a personal gift for us and not to use for GoldDigger and £50 each! I know Beth's is the same cos I told her on skype and she wanted me to open hers too - £50 is a HUGELY amazing help to both of us at the moment and it was anonymous so we can't say thank you ...but are so grateful! Joel says - gutted that you can't buy clothes! Its ok - the overdraft novelty is still big so I'm still truly excited to pay it all into that!


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