Day 59: The Rules

Oh what a weird day! Its amazing just how much stress you can put a family through to get a last minute free babysitter, share the 1 car between 2 ends of the city with no time to get ready and moments to spare, to try to communicate with Beth, who's currently in a schools meeting and then needs to get 2 buses home to get changed all for the opportunity to earn £50 BETWEEN us in a last minute stand in of a gig. In the end it never happened but its funny how much we'll put ourselves through when we're desperate for a few quid! Otherwise works been good today - I'm in my smart clothes today as I've had to go and do a schools meeting - which I normally don't have to do but there were 2 booked in for this afternoon so I had to get over my fear of smart clothes, and institutions where you are expected to behave like a grown up and off I went. We've managed to get a schools day booked out of that for next term and a possible girls course which is great.
So clothes fast wise... (as in clothes buying fast that is actually - not wearing any clothes for a year is not going to be something I'll get dared into) I feel I've had a bit of a false start as yesterday was supposed to be my big launch. So to lay it out on the line... I am not going to buy any clothes (other than my gig clothes clause) for ...I think I'm doing it for a year... but maybe for as long as I do my 365... I'm including accessories to my fast - because I'm hardcore and if I'm going to do something I'll do it properly. I'm happy to accept gifts of clothes I think, but I'm not allowed to hound Joel for more Christmas presents than I've ever had before... it will be a learning exercise about clothes but its mainly a financial journey I'm on so free things are great!
I'm adding a twist to my challenge... I am going to try to wear a different outfit everyday. I can mix things with other things and wear them again but I will see how long I can go before I need to repeat an outfit. Not that I'm snobby about wearing the same thing lots but because its another experiment...I'm excited about this bit... I think I'll learn 1. How much I really have got and 2. How to shop better in the future as I imagine I'll be forced to wear things I am not sure I really want to, I'm not sure why I bought them and yet have invested my money into.
Now for another totally different personal challenge - tonight I'm going to conquer a cheesecake (making one that is - tomorrow it will be eating one)


  1. Congratulations Mandy on your decision. I look forward to following your journey through the year! Jenny


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