Day 80: 80 days

Somehow 80 days seems significant - is that cos of '80 days around the world'? Maybe ... but today I'm feeling quite positive. Its Sunday, which means the bank balance has been non-moving over the weekend which is always both disconcerting and a bit dull for blogging purposes. But this month should be a good one... I'm due to do a few things I get paid for this month, finally am allowed to quit the gym (so will be making my last payment to that), am a fair way into my Christmas shopping already and have finally sold our double buggy - which means I have made a small dent into the mountain of stuff to sort in the lounge. All this means I SHOULD be able to make some nice payments into the overdraft and I'm not totally off being able to make the overdaft pay off by the new year... will I/ won't I? No idea... but I'll really try!
Balance ... still 322.09 D ... where am I going to find £322.09 as well as Christmas money in the next 2 months!!? Time to get creative!


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