Day 96: Taking on another challenge... if I haven't taken on enough already! Well now I have taken on writing the GoldDigger supporters blog... something that Rach was doing but since she's left :( it goes to me :S so there's where I'll be writing for supporters and well wishers and intersteders of the work GoldDigger are doing ... and how all the 'behind the scenes' things are going. I'm hoping to write really regularly on that though I'm not sure I like having the responsibility to write 2 blogs a day... will see how it goes!
Freed up our child benefit money again today though... which takes me to a wonderful £112.21 D - woooo hooooo! Good news... though I did have a random though one night this week that I should make day 100 a notable post... 4 days to go... would I be able to make that?? the FINAL payoff? um... not sure about that :S

oooh the supporters page link is HERERERERERRE


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