Day 98 and 99... whoops

Ok so shame no 1 is that yes- I missed a post yesterday... my excuse is that I was watching an infuriatingly slow and rubbish film Joel got out from the library whilst trying to type the GoldDigger blog... so ended up taking so long to do that I didn't even try to do another.
Shame no 2 is that in this picture I have just rubbed my eye makeup all over my face and look like a zombie... (I bought one of those maybeline pink and green mascaras cos I remembered that it is really good... and seemed to think it didn't matter that last time I think I was allergic to it... so have had enough of uncomfortable eyes...and so smudged it allover making a matching uncomfortable face)
However... my smugness today and my ability to post this picture anyway ... is because I'm holding something quite exciting in my hands...! (EEEEEEK) My rule is that I don't update my total until its banked and official but I got an exciting and earlier than usual... and day 100 might not be a red number but it just might be a special trip to the bank!!


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